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The financial services industry is in rapid change, facing digitalisation, automation, new competency requirements, increased innovation and new market entrants. We must always be able to offer new and better services and continually develop our own expertise to be attractive for our customers.

In recent years, DNB has built up capital to meet the regulatory requirements. Through greater capital efficiency and the build-up of profits, we have now reached the targeted capital level. We are therefore well prepared to face both the future and any new requirements, and we can now concentrate on fulfilling our vision to be there for our customers, every day, when it matters the most.

In this year's annual report, we show all the factors that influence DNB and our relationship to the society of which we are a part. The aim is to give the best possible overview of current operations and show how the Group and each individual employee are preparing for the future.

In addition, selected stories show people who want to create something and how they do this in cooperation with DNB.

After all, it is people and their ideas that are the starting point for all results that are achieved. Whether you are a customer, shareholder or employee.

Our best stories


The next meeting place

How can you make sure that ideas with potential get coupled with life-giving capital? The answer is NXT.


Kari in all channels

Not only has Kari Wellerop (81) become a hotshot at doing her digital daily banking, she now surfs, ‘snaps’ and posts in all channels. All thanks to DNB’s online banking course.



Both power and values are created when top-quality Danish engineering meets high-quality Norwegian wind. Literally.

DNB’s healthcare initiative

A helping hand

Having an independent life is important for most people, but not something everyone can take for granted. Andrea Galåsen can live the life she wants thanks to three personal assistants – and some assistance from DNB.